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Anyone who knows me knows that one of my greatest passions in life is nature and birds! I live on the banks of the Sudbury River here in Massachusetts, which allows me to engage with nature every day. Caring for nature has become a large part of my life. I’ve learned so much about birds and animal life from numerous Mass Audubon Directors and Leaders, whom I spend countless hours in the field with. My local Wild Birds Unlimited shop owner and staff have also contributed much to my knowledge of caring for birds.

It’s no secret that Wild Birds Unlimited is my favorite store. It’s where I have purchased my bird and animal feeders, my nesting boxes, bird baths (even heated baths for winter), and, of course, my feed. This special franchise has become even more special to me as I have become an Approved Vendor to their hundreds of stores in the United States and Canada!!!!

This all began in February as I was exhibiting my art at the Acre (American Craft Retailers Expo) in Philadelphia. A Wild Birds Unlimited store owner came into my booth and took a special interest in my bird and wild life products. He placed an initial order for his shop told me that I really should become an Approved Vendor for Wild Birds. He gave me all the information that I needed to contact WBU corporate offices, whom I needed to contact and told me he would be my reference. After corporate saw my work, I was immediately made an Approved WBU Vendor. This means my work will be seen by all WBU store owners beginning in April. This past Friday, I was also invited to display at the WBU Vendor Mart this summer!

Oh, and these photos, I took them yesterday at my local Wild Birds Unlimited store. The store owner who met me at Acre contacted my local store owner and told her, “You have to carry this artist’s work!” As you can see, she placed a very nice order and I delivered it last week. My work is being so generously displayed in the shop and in the front window.

Needless to say, I am very busy getting ready to attend the Vendor Mart. I am working on new bird and wildlife art, which is a thrill. What a lucky person I am! How many people get to combine their professional work with their favorite past time???!!!

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