Tempered-Glass Cutting Boards

These tempered-glass cutting boards are so versatile! Most people choose glass cutting boards over wood or plastic because the glass is non-porous and it resists odors, bacteria and stains. I've chosen to offer these cutting boards in 8" and 12" round sizes because they provide several multi-use choices:

  • The 8" makes a great cutting board for cheese and vegetables and easily doubles as a trivet/hot plate.
  • The 12" cutting board is very roomy for cutting anything from meats to large vegetables, and people tell me they also use the boards as serving platters or hot plates.

I hear customer testimonials all the time about their durability…"My cat knocked my cutting board off my counter onto my tile floor and it didn't break!" Personally, my cats have not tried this…yet. One testimonial reminds me why my cutting boards need to be more than durable, they need to be Art For The Home…"Your cutting board looks so awesome in my kitchen, it makes it look like it could be in Homes & Garden." Another comment I hear repeatedly is, "The art is so beautiful, I could never cut on it." “Cut to your heart’s content,” I tell people, because the art is applied to the back of the cutting boards, using special dye-sublimation inks. Also, applied to the back are rubber feet to protect surfaces and to keep the cutting boards from slipping. I hand sign the back of each cutting board.