Acre Philadelphia 2015 – My Experiences

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I planned on writing about my experiences at Acre Philadelphia immediately after returning home from the show, but something important got in the way…I had to fill store orders. It was great being back in Philadelphia. There is just something about being in Philadelphia, in February, doing a wholesale show that seems right. And, I’m not the only one that feels this way. I heard repeatedly from artists and buyers alike that being in Philly in February just feels like “home.”

Now about the show. I am happy to say that the show was a success for me. I had a new booth display for the show (see my photos) and I introduced new products and designs (more on the new products and designs in my next blog post). Saturday was the slowest day for me, but things really picked up on Sunday. I was so busy with buyers on Sunday that I almost lost my voice. Monday was also very busy. In fact, I don’t remember the final day of a show ever being this busy.

Throughout the show there was a very positive vibe in the hall. Artists seemed very happy with the show and buyers seemed especially pleased with the high level and variety of American Made products available. Everyone I spoke with had nothing but good things to say about the entire Acre staff and the promoter, Nancy Vance. Artists and buyers were invited to attend the wrap up meeting on Saturday evening and Nancy gave anyone who wanted the chance to take to the stage, mike in hand and speak. Overwhelmingly, the response from artists and buyers was to keep the show in Philly in February and to help it grow. And, I believe it will grow. On Monday, the staff asked artists to commit to growing the show by signing up to do next year in Philly. And, from what I saw, artists signed up in droves…including me!

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Vista Convention Services. These are the guys and gals who get to the show before us to begin setting things up. They help us when we arrive and they break down after we leave. Everyone from Vista that I met was incredibly helpful and friendly. I have never met a convention services group that went so far out of their way to make sure artists had everything they needed. The other artists near me seemed to agree.

Well it’s time to get back into the art studio. Orders aren’t going to fill themselves!

ACRE Philly Buyers - Here I am!

For the first time I brought hand-painted canvases to a wholesale show. My Yellow Lab puppy was the best seller.

As always, my wall of hand-painted Lazy Susans was a hit!

For years my glass cutting boards have been a best selling item. Now, my new glass trivets and coasters are taking center stage.

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