There are many reasons I like using tempered glass to show off my art. One is WOW does it ever show off my art! My art is not only whimsical and fun, but I boldly execute each design in bright, saturated colors that simply POP when applied to tempered glass. (I LOVE color!) Because the art is applied to the back of each 8" square trivet, it appears to add an even greater depth to the colors.

Another is WOW, this glass is durable!  I'm not saying it can't be broken, after all it's glass, but we in the studio haven't been able to break it. Starting with the cutting boards, about six years ago, right up to the tempered glass trivets and coasters we perform this totally non-scientific durability test: we put the cutting board, trivet or coaster into a plastic bag (just in case the glass does break) and take it out to the garage and drop it from chest high onto the concrete floor. We haven't broken or chipped one yet!! The trivets have rubber feet on the back. I hand sign the back of each trivet.